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Lee Christian School


  • August 14:  LCS Staff's 1st Day
  • August 16:  New Student Orientation 1:00 - 2:30
  • August 19:  Elementary Open House 6:30
  • August 20:  Secondary Open House 6:30
  • August 22:  First Day of School, 2019 - 2020

Important Information

Early Dismissal Times

  • K5 - 5th: 11:30
  • 6th - 8th: 11:45
  • 9th - 12th: 12:00

  F3 Connection handles community building for our school.   Our focus has become two-fold:  

Teacher and Staff Appreciation & Support

Student Activities

Throughout the year, we support our teachers and staff with meals, snacks, and gifts.  Our annual student activities has grown to include middle and high school dances, elementary book fairs and an elementary Easter egg hunt.  We also support school events for both elementary students and middle and high school students such as providing snacks and water for our annual Fun Run and food for D-Now.  

 A few of the ways we will communicate with you will be through Facebook and Email:   LCS F3 Connection Facebook


Parent support is a vital component to the success of Lee Christian School.  Your gifts, prayers, time, and resources will help the school to move forward and strengthen its spiritual, academic, and extra-curricular endeavors.

There are many ways we encourage parents to be involved at Lee Christian School.  Here is a list of how you can become an active LCS Parent:

  • Volunteer to be a Room Parent in your Child's Classroom
  • Volunteer in your Child's Classroom
  • Attend LCS Sporting Events
  • Volunteer to help at a Fundraising Event
  • Attend LCS after School Events


Click on the LCS Falcon to find current athletic info & schedules.

For information about gym uniforms, school tee shirts and family happenings, click above on the f3 connection logo.

F3 Connection

  • Michelle Harrison
  • Dawn Lenz
  • Sharon Johnson
  • Suzanne Nientenbach
  • Marisa Knecht
  • Jennifer Sturm

    Lee Christian School 

    3220 Keller-Andrews Road

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